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November 2nd is Vitamin D Day; Vitamin D Council Takes Action to Help Spread Awareness

 The Vitamin D Council is doing their part on Vitamin D Day by using their member base and social media outlets to help spread awareness on vitamin D.

San Luis Obispo, November 01, 2012 —  November 2nd is Vitamin D Day, as declared by organizations throughout the world, assembling together to spread awareness on vitamin D and the vitamin D deficiency pandemic.

Vitamin D is a nutrient the own human body produces in response to sun exposure. When the sun shines overhead, it triggers the skin to start making vitamin D for the body. Given the ever increasing indoor lifestyles of humans in the 20th and 21st centuries, many people are deficient in vitamin D and many scientists believe there is a deficiency pandemic.

One organization taking action this Vitamin D Day is the Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit organization based out of California that solely educates the public on vitamin D and sun exposure. “I believe being aware of your vitamin D status is the most important and simple thing you can do for your health,” says John J Cannell, MD, Executive Director of the organization.

During the winter, vitamin D deficiency becomes even more prevalent, as the sun becomes less intense and shines less overhead. Vitamin D “blood levels” are usually lowest at the end of winter, after weeks and weeks of the body no longer getting vitamin D from its own skin.

Hence why organizers have set November 2nd as the Day, to help educate people before winter and make sure they are aware of how to get vitamin D depending on the season. Says Dr Cannell, “Virtually everyone that works indoors is at risk for insufficiency and more than likely deficient. The problem is even worse in the fall and winter.”

The Vitamin D Council is doing their part on Vitamin D Day by using their member base and social media outlets to help spread awareness on vitamin D. Furthermore, they are offering free one-month memberships to their educational blog for anyone that signs up on Vitamin D Day.

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About Vitamin D Day and the Vitamin D Council

The Vitamin D Council is 501(c)(3) nonprofit based out of California, working to educate the public on vitamin D and sun exposure using an evidence-based approach.

Promotion of vitamin D awareness in November began as early as 2007 by the Vitamin D Society, as they used the month as a time to promote awareness in Canada. InspireHealth began promoting Vitamin D Day in 2009, and Canadian Parliament Member Dr. James Lunney introduced a bill to establish National Vitamin D Day in Canada. Since then, several organizations have collaborated to spread awareness annually on November 2nd.

To redeem free one-month membership from the Vitamin D Council, email membership (at) vitamindcouncil (dot) org with the title “Vitamin D Day” in the heading.



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