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Vitamin D Day is Here!

Today is the Day, Vitamin D Day that is! Organizations from all over the world are calling you to be aware of vitamin D and help spread awareness.

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Cancer prevention with vitamin D is recognized with Vitamin D Day

Vancouver, BC — Vitamin D can make a substantial difference in cancer prevention and survival outcomes, yet many Canadians have sub-optimal levels of Vitamin D. This is even more prevalent during the winter months when there are fewer hours of sunlight. In an effort to create awareness about the need for and benefit of Vitamin […]

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What is Vitamin D Day?

This November 2nd is Vitamin D Day! This day is dedicated to spreading awareness on vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency and making sure you and your loved ones are sufficient throughout the winter. Please join us in recognizing this day and spreading awareness on the issue, as we prepare for winter. Furthermore, November is Vitamin […]

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