Help spread awareness this Vitamin D Day, get the word out on vitamin D, deficiency and preparedness for the winter! Here are things you can do:

Get involved on Facebook

  1. Like the page Vitamin D Day
  2. Change your profile picture to the Vitamin D Day logo.
    • Or better yet, spread awareness for the entire month with a universal vitamin D/sun logo.
  3. Share an infographic, educate your friends and family.
  4. Share your favorite quote from leading vitamin D researchers and public health officials.

Join the conversation on Twitter

  1. The hashtag will be #VitaminDDay
  2. Share your favorite quote from leading vitamin D researchers and public health officials.

Use other social media like Pinterest? Here is an idea: pin one of the infographics mentioned above:

Email friends and family

Social media not your thing? Look for sharing icons on most pages. You will see an email button where you can provide links to what you specifically want to share. For instance, you can email a family member this page:


Don’t forget to educate yourself!

Make sure you educate yourself on vitamin D. The page Why Vitamin D Day? is a good place to start.