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Ottawa Vitamin D Disease Prevention Symposium

Ottawa, Canada — Taking place on November 1st at the University of Ottawa, the Ottawa Vitamin D Disease Prevention Symposium is a free event designed to help educate healthcare professionals and the general public on vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, and its many benefits related to health and wellness. Learn from top vitamin D researcher, Dr Robert Heaney, Professor of Medicine, Creighton University and author of over 400 original papers.

The WHO has established that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the leading cause of death in the world, and the majority of these deaths are attributed to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes. Research suggest that optimal vitamin D levels may prevent many of these diseases.

Says Dr Greg Plotnikoff, “Vitamin D may represent the single most cost effective medical intervention we have today.” It’s time to consider new innovative solutions and take action.

Did you know?

  • Vitamin D in the 100-150 nmol/L range could possibly prevent, in Canada, 18,000 women (75% of cases) from getting breast cancer and 15,000 men and women (67% of cases) from getting colon cancer.
  • Approximately 50% of Multiple Sclerosis cases could be prevented with vitamin D levels in the 100-150 nmol/L range.
  • According to a group of 40 of the top vitamin D researchers and doctors, maintaining vitamin D levels in the range of 100-150 nmol/L has been linked to reducing the risk of asthma, upper respiratory Infections, dental caries and type 1 diabetes in children, heart disease, high blood pressure, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, colds, and flus in the general population.

Ottawa Vitamin D Community Campaign

Attend the conference, learn more about how you can get involved with a local community action program to protect your community’s health with vitamin D testing and education.

Featured speakers

  • Dr Robert P Heaney, MD Professor of Medicine, Creighton University, Omaha, NE. World Leading Vitamin D Researcher, and author of over 400 original papers.
  • Carole A Baggerly Breast cancer survivor and director of GrassrootsHealth, a public organization dedicated to increasing awareness of vitamin D and its breast cancer prevention potential.
  • Dr Marc Sorenson Author of Vitamin D3 and Solar Power for Optimal Health


Thursday, November 1st at 7:00pm


University of Ottawa, Roger Guindon Hall, Room 2005
451 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON K1H 8M5

To RSVP, email [email protected] with the subject “Register” and list your name and title in the email. You can also find the event on to register for the free event.

Hosted by: Vitamin D Society Check out their site for further details.